My walls have texture on them!

Can you hang wallpaper over texture?

     Texture comes in many forms and thicknesses. There are some that are light enough that you can hang wallpaper right over them. These tend to be the minor orange peel type of textures. The other type of texture that most home builders use tend to be thicker and more course. This is called knock down texture. You will find a lot of this type of texture in most newer homes through out the Denver Metro area. Here are some examples of both.

Orange Peel

Knock Down

  In most cases with the orange peel texture, most wallpapers can be hung right over it without having to prep or skim coat the wall. The knock down texture is usually the one that needs skim coating to a smooth surface. Wallpapers tend to suck into the wall when they dry, so you can usually see thicker textures underneath. So in this case it needs to be skim coated so you can get the best results from your wallpaper install. 

   The process to skim coating usually requires an additional day before hanging the wallpaper. This also depends on the size of the room. Some of my clients have asked about liner papers that are installed over texture before the wallpaper is installed instead of skim coating. I tell them that liner papers tend to lift from the wall when wallpaper is applied over them. Liner paper also shows it's seams underneath the wallpaper that is applied over it. Then I have to skim coat the seams anyway when the liner paper dries, adding an additional day to the project. So I might as well just skim coat the walls in the first place.

   On the first day, I put a layer of drywall compound on the walls that I will be hanging the wallpaper on. This needs to dry overnight. On the second day, I scrape the edges down and wet sand the wall to a smooth surface. This reduces the dust to a minimum. Then I prime the walls with a quick drying primer and begin to hang the wallpaper. 

   It is a good idea to let me know about your texture because I need to arrive at your house well prepared to do the job right. So please let me know what type of texture you have when you submit your information through the Contact Us page.

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